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Our services In addition to selling watches, our company provides a wide range of services:

Trade-in service: We offer a trade-in option for your old watch, if, for example, it is outdated and no longer evokes positive emotions. How does the exchange service work? We discuss the price of your watch with you after our specialists assess its technical and visual condition, model, equipment, age. We will offer you an exchange for another with or without a surcharge, depending on the value of your watch as part of the trade-in service.

Redemption service: We can buy back your watch. This is an ideal service for those who urgently need money. Foreclosure is a safe and fast transaction that allows you to get money quickly without spending a lot of time searching for a buyer.

Commission: We are a safe platform where you can profitably sell your watch using the commission service. You have the opportunity to give the watch for commission to our boutique. In this case, we put your watch up for sale, having previously agreed on the price with you. This service takes longer than the buyback service, but is a better proposition for the customer: it allows you to sell your watch for a higher price than buying it. The price of the commission service includes pre-sale preparation of the watch: if necessary, we replace the strap, batteries, perform polishing and ultrasonic cleaning. All this gives the watch a perfect appearance.

Pawn service:You can pledge your watch in our store. This is the best option for those who urgently need money. How does it work? First, the watch is evaluated by our experts, namely: the presence of components, defects, documents. Based on this assessment, the amount to be paid is announced to the client.


Pre-sale preparation: Are you going to sell a watch? We are engaged in its pre-sale preparation: we replace the strap, batteries, perform polishing and ultrasonic cleaning. All this gives the watch a perfect appearance.

Service: We also give a second life to your watches. If you want your watch to always look like new and work properly, it must be serviced regularly. And we will help in this. Our team has many years of experience working with world-renowned Swiss watch brands, different types of mechanisms and damage of various levels of complexity. We perform the work professionally and with high quality, therefore all our services are guaranteed for 12 months. Our team helps keep your watch looking its best so it always looks like new. Are you going to sell a watch? We will help prepare it for sale: diagnostics, replacement of parts, polishing and all other necessary services are performed by our team of experts.

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